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Browning M2 .50 Caliber [12.7mm] Machine Gun
Simple and automatic weapon, this machine gun is characterized by being easy to use.
The Machine Gun can be quickly mounted on a ship on a temporary basis. A simple metal plate welded onto the deck of a ship is enough to hold a naval mount.
Weapon for defence at sight, the .50 caliber machine gun can be used effectively against slow and low flying aircrafts and against small ships and boats.
The ammunition supply is fed by a band box containing 100 cartridges fixed on the weapon’s, left or right side. The empty shells are ejected on the opposite side.
The gun is capable of single-shot, as well as automatic fire.
Weight (total)
Rate of fire


Practical range
165 centimeters
58 kg
550 rounds per minute
12,7 mm
900 m
Photograph ©
Source : "FN HERSTAL" and "Net-Marine"
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