(7 January - 17 June 1991)
Commanding Officer
Commander senior : DE COCK Gilbert
Commanding Officer, G. DE COCK, joined the Royal Military Academy (promotion 104) September 1964 in Brussels. Hereafter he was send to the Royal Navy Academy Den Helder, where he received his basic military formation. In December 1966 he became Lieutenant.
After finishing Den Helder he rejoined the Belgian Navy, July 1969. After that date he practised different functions on board of Belgian, Dutch and American units.
On 21 December 1989, he becomes Commanding Officer of the Belgian Frigate F910 WIELINGEN. With the exception of his forming specialization as NAGIO in 1975, and Staff Patent holder between 1987 – 1989, two periods of walplacement made part of his career.
The first walplacemnet took place in 1976 in the Belgian Naval Military Training Centre at ST. KRUIS. The second walplacement took place, from 1981 till 1985, at The Belgian Military Navy Staff Den Helder (CAWCS).
Commanding Officer DE Cock is married and father of two children.
Commanding Officer speech (June 16, 1991)

" The mission SOUTHERN BREEZE will be finished tomorrow. A period were we made history in the Belgian Navy. It is not significant to repeat the ups and downs of this mission, because we all made part it. I admire the way you all made this, sometimes hard, assignment, possible, and therefore I would like to thank you all. For me it is clear that we achieved our objectives, and certainly our highest objective was to return safely at home.
I hope that this period of leaf will give you all the opportunity to be close with your family again, because this mission could not be achieved without their support. This period has been one of the most beautiful parts of my career thanks to the support of this unforgettable crew. Once again I would like to thank you all, and wishes you all a pleasant holiday. "

Commanding Officer, G. DE COCK

Photo © Jean-Francois VAN OVERSTRAETEN
Source : Cruise log
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